Monday, April 3, 2017


I had my FIRST dumping of kitchen compost today!!! So happy. πŸ˜‚

I used a 5 gallon bucket to transfer the small crock's 'goodies' with a bunch of wet and dry leaves from the winter.  I didn't rake when the leaves fell because the bees need them.

And we all know how I feel about saving the bees. πŸ’¬

My bounty included: banana peels, potato peels, egg shells, coffee grounds w/filters; tomatoes, trimmed green bean peels, apple peels and a host of other good shit.

Now, I'm trying to figure out who to add this to a corner of my garden so: I won't have to make trips back & forth; and how to NOT attract critters.

I guess when I put it out there, I'll just turn it all over and let it marinate into the ground.

And we all know how things get when they marinate. I want it to be rich and wormy.

Ewwww...., but yay. πŸ’₯

Until soon!!!!

I'm back!!!


How many years has it been?

Any who, this is the first planting I've had since I last posted.

For a few years, I didn't have the garden due to fighting off major tree roots, lack of shade....

But now I have abundant sunshine and good soil!!! Yay!

This came to be because last summer, my giant Willow Tree fell and to be partially taken down.

I have a 6' x 20' space to fill to my desire!!

I've started kitchen composting. It's new to me, but we'll see how it goes,

I also collected quite a bit of seeds from our local library: tomatoes, pole beans, sunflower seeds, nasturtiums, etc. I prefer to buy plants already matured and ready to go, but since the seeds were free, I'll give 'me a chance.

So...... if you're reading this for the first time, WELCOME. If you were the few that read before, WELCOME BACK! I will do my best to document flower/veggie growth this summer, 2017 and I hope you will join me. πŸŒ±πŸŒΊπŸŒ»πŸ…

Peace out.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

 This is the Community Garden. A couple of years ago, I considered joining; $15/plot for a year. Very secure with a combination for gardeners only. When it just started out a few years ago, they didn't have water aside from a nearby house willing to share their hose. I'm glad to see today they have several hoses for the sharing.

I love the whole community 'thing.'

The garden is also bigger. There is plenty of room to expand from houses that have been torn down.
 There was word in the beginning of theft - stealing others' veggies. Can you stand it? C'mon folks. Hopefully that's over. But while I looked around, I missed being able to grow my own space. Maybe one day later on...

Pictures by me.

Since the garden failed epically with dry, hot, unforgiving ground, I did herbs in pots. I don't know if I mentioned before, but here's progress:

I have huge bush of Basil. It smells so good - every time I water or rotate the pot, the smell knocks me out. Now it's going crazy - I'm going to harvest & freeze in a Ziploc. I was going to do the whole ice tray thing, but our freezer is small. My Italian bella BFF, Lisa, has promised me seeds of Italian Basil from the old country. Bring. It. On. :-)
I have Sage & Chives in a pot, too. The sage is getting really hardy. The chives are still under control. Since this was all a last minute thing, next year, I'll use much larger pots.
And lo and behold, the red and sweet banana peppers I saved & threw into a pot are sprouting. The pot isn't that big so the peppers will be small. I'm just thrilled to have 'em. The tomatoes, spinach and cukes died an early death. It got so hot so fast this year.

This is all I have to share 'garden' wise. My lettuce was okay, but it bolted early. I ate as much as I could. The cilantro didn't go well, either. It got really huge, but got bare & sprouted pretty little flowers. Hmmm... NOT how it looks in the store.

Live and learn, huh? I think next year I will get those pre-potted tomato plants that come all potted & staked for you. My sun is so limited with the huge trees. It's a blessing and a curse.:-)

Pictures by me.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Excellent Caladiums. Low maintenance.
 Remember me? I don't blame you if you don't.

With having fire-type heat this summer, and a garden plot that turned hard as cement, I had to let the gardening go. Everything I planted (cukes, spinach, tomatoes) died a quick & tragic death! Lol.

I do have a couple of pots of herbs though. The basil is out of control (I need to look into what to do with an over abundance of it), sage & chives share another pot. Sage is doing great; chives are puny.

The Red Gerbera Daisy
 Off the patio where I planted tiny coral bells, a huge bush of lemon balm sprouted, along with a huge leaf of something I don't recognize. The L.balm smells great and has sprouted super tiny white flowers. I've read where it can be put in tea. Worth a try.

With the rains for the past 2 days - everything got revived, but the grass is still a scream. It's like ugly yellow hay, hard & crunchy. We need rain consistently for a few days.
 I did a lot of pots this summer. They're everywhere, all different sizes and shapes. And nearly all terra cotta (pot snobbery). I'm proud of the color splashes I wanted. And I liked throwing different things in 1 pot & watch it blend.

Very Better Homes & Garden....:-)

Tons 'o fresh basil

A good blend

My 1st thriving Hibiscus tree. A bloom only for a day.

Lemon balm. Smells heavenly.

My 1st Million Belles.

A rescued Tuberose Begonia

Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.  ~John Ruskin

Pictures by: me

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Green & Red Bell Peppers & Slicing Cukes
Hey friends!

Picked up some more things for the garden. I haven't tilled, but time is going quick, so I'm going to just go out, dig what I can & get these plants in the grounds. I also bought some delicious smelling Basil, but that's going on the patio with the lettuce & cilantro. So, back in the garden, I'll have: tomatoes, cukes, & the peppers. I know I said I was kinda nervous about the new neighbors back near my garden, but things seems pretty tame now, so I'm gonna go for it. Everything will be fine.

I also picked up some Geraniums, Impatients for some pots. My Marigolds seems to have died??? What the hell? Those are the easiest things to grow. I don't know what went wrong, but I'm ripping them out & replacing them with Begonias. I'm so impatient - if things don't do what they're sposed to, I'm done (LOL!) I want constant color & dammit - that's what I'll have! Lol.

My Boston Ferns hanging on the porch look puny. What's the deal? I discovered this year that they need to be watered from the bottom up - watering from the top cause the water to just run right out the bottom. So I've been sitting them in a bucket & letting them soak up from the bottom. Then of course, I have to mist them daily. They're a lot of work, but I like the look. Just wish they would perk up.

Choleus basket
I treated the yard to this GORGEOUS hanging Choleus basket. I normally shy away from these cuz they're so expensive. But this beauty was marked down to $12 & the lady talked me into it for shade purposes. She said fertilize once a week w/MiracleGro & it will "take off." Sounds good to me.

Then "D" took a shepherd's hook & placed in the middle of the back of the yard & it looks awesome. I'm so blind when it comes to 'style'. I stick to the rules & put everything along the fence. When he brought it to the middle of the yard, it just popped! Breaks the yard up so it doesn't look so bare under the willow.

Okay - that's all I have for now. Will update once I get the plants in the ground. TO-DAY!! Please come back again :-)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outdoor Randoms

Hey friends!!!

Not too much going on here @ 'the farm.' I'm torn between wanting to put my tomatoes in the garden or not. Last year, they didn't do well - I had very few & they weren't that big. Hell, it was easier to get them @ Green Farms. The plants grew taller than me, but not much more.

I'm thinking it's because the garden area is soooo "rooty." Yes, its a good space, but it's the rooting ground of the "mighty willow." When I tried to till w/the pitch fork, it was hell. I dread renting that HUGE roto tiller again. They don't rent any smaller it seems. That thing was a beast, but it did the job. Exhale.

In the meanwhile, the tomatoes sit in their bio-degradable pot they came in, blooming yellow flowers, ready to get their grow on.

The cilantro & lettuce growing on the patio is taking OFF. I pick lettuce daily to mix w/my spinach salad for lunch & the more I pick, the faster it grows. Love it.

Meanwhile, my fab Hibiscus seems to love life in it's huge pot. I already know its moods; too much water & the leaves curl up; just enough & I get plenty of blooms like this. I have to accept that they bloom & die all in a day. Impermanence....

Suddenly something sprouted that smells like Lemon Mint. Mild, but def. strong lemon. I freak out when something sprouts & I can't remember what it is! Lol! I take anything & everything folks pass along to me. I wouldn't want to make a poison mint tea!
Until next time. I hope to have more progress to share. And sorry the pics look so grainy - I switch between the Sony & Canon, daily, and I'm not yet used to the Canon. Practice make perfect. With pictures & growing! :-)